Accessing Council Services

Getting here

Customers who have Blue Badges can park outside the Council Offices in Gernon Road, either in the designated parking bays or on the yellow lines for up to 3 hours.

There is a level access path to the main entrance of the Council Offices and Customer Service Centre from Gernon Road and the doors open automatically.

Once inside

The Customer Service Centre is fitted with hearing induction loops so that customers can use the T-setting on their hearing aid to enhance sound. If required, we can arrange for a British Sign Language interpreter to assist customers, as long as they let us know in advance.

Customers can contact the Council by text phone on 01462 474 800. For customers who have difficulty reading, our information and documents can be made available upon request in:

Large Print


Audio tape or CD

If English is not your first language, the Council can provide interpreters at interviews or over the phone to assist you. We may also be able to assist you with translations of documents and publications. Please contact us for more information.

Translation and Transcription Services

Website translations

Our website can be translated automatically into a number of languages using services freely available such as Google Translate.

Please note the translation services provided above are generated automatically by a third party software and therefore may not convey the same message or meaning as originally intended in English. The Council accepts no liability in relation to any differences in translation and no reliance should be placed on any translations.

Links to related organisations

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